Stressed to Blessed Ecourse

Stressed to Blessed Ecourse

Access your Immersion into Wellness here with the unique SFSS (Syntactic Focus Structure System).

What do I get?


10 Online Yoga Classes live or recorded (2 a week)

Breath/Meditation training

Journaling/Gratitude List

Lymphatic Drainage Stimulation

Clarity and Resilience training

Self Esteem/Self Compassion

Restorative body techniques

Daily wellness techniques

20 Ways to move into Better Health Booklet

Weekly guided Meditation

Weekly Q&A coaching

Nutrition Guidance and suggestions

Scheduled and delivered via an App/emails


    You will receive an email with your first download of the Ecourse with full instructions on how to use. If you choose to do the Live Yoga classes a zoom link will be sent the day before. The zoom classes are on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10-11.15am. If you are not free to join you can have the lesson sent to you to complete in the next three days.


    In certain cases we are able to accept refunds if special circumstances apply. Please contact for more information. 


    The Ecourse will be emailed to you over the duration of the 5 weeks with relevant links attached.


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