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Stressed to Blessed 5 Week Programme

Stressed to Blessed 5 Week Programme

In this 5 Week Kickstarter you will achieve sustainable healthy living habits delivered through a crystal clear action plan so you experience the benefits of better health and sustain it.

This programme will deliver 10 recorded yoga sessions, personal coaching and 5 weeks of strategies both video and written to get you started in motion, toned, find your path, relieve stress and anxiety and regain your strength.

You will learn to rediscover what will bring active happiness to your life with easy short daily practices and retraining thought patterns. 

There’s no magic pill, hidden secret or quick fix - the only way you get results and change your life is by taking action and I'll help you stay motivated. 


Delivered Via an App.

I help women attain emotional and physical resilience, confidence and regain control over their lives to reach their full potential. I do this using yoga, meditation, breathing, nutrition and therapy techniques.I’m Happy to chat with you about how we can get you where you want to be in life and enjoy the process of doing it at the same time! 

I trained in the Unique Swasthya Yoga Style  the most ancient Yoga lineage from Tantric philosophy that is non repressive and implemented to heal.

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    You will receive an email with your first download of the Ecourse with full instructions on how to use. 


    In certain cases we are able to accept refunds if special circumstances apply. Please contact for more information. 


    The Ecourse will be emailed to you over the duration of the 5 weeks with relevant links attached.

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