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Learn to Listen to Your Body

Yoga on Deck


A deep workout for body and mind

This style of yoga is based on Swasthya yoga. The classes combine sequences of postures, has a dynamic flow and includes relaxation, breathing exercises and meditation. It can complement sports training and help general fitness. We welcome those new to yoga. I have found it increases energy levels whilst also calming the mind, helping to attain mental balance in everyday life. 

My approach to teaching health and wellbeing is holistic encouraging the mind/body/spirit connection and a focus on healthy eating. 



Your health is a priority for a manageable and enjoyable life. This Ebook guides you through 5 easy steps to regain serenity and calm, that may be out of whack at the moment. It's a simple tool box to practice effective positive habits for busy people. Create clearer thinking, be more productive and experience more energy. You will also receive a free 15 minute guided meditation.




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Joanna Pemberton - Kickstarter course

This course is eye opening; a perfect way to recognise how important it is to take some time out of your day just for you.  I never realised how little self-care I took before I invested my time with Brigit. This course is  life changing;  I learnt new ways of living that have changed my perspective on myself for the better.  The ways in which Brigit teaches you to nurture and understand oneself will stay with me forever .... there’s no going back now! As a parent of three, thanks to Brigit,  I now recognise how looking after no.1 only benefits us all . We are number one, we deserve to look after ourselves and as long as we try and stay focused on who we are and what we are ... everything else nicely slips into place. Thank you Brigit from the bottom of my heart you’ve have enlightened me !  X

Brigit has opened my eyes to a new way of living my life, giving me tools to help connect to my inner self and master my mind in a world that doesn’t stop. From day one I feel like I have Iearnt techniques that I can access regularly in my everyday life. The Breath is central to everything I have learned on this journey of self-exploration and it is just one of the many tools Brigit has introduced me to. After the first 12 week course many building blocks had become routine giving me so much benefit, physically and mentally. I was eager to continue as I felt this journey is both descriptive and practical, had only just started. With Brigit’s wonderful blend of knowledge and experience, I was excited to continue to the 24 week programme focusing on some aspects in more detail as well as gaining new techniques to manage the stresses of life. Discussing with others weekly about our new learnings under Brigit’s humble and generous wings, gave even more perspectives and insights into the learnings. Presenting a world of information in a concise, accessible and practical way, Brigit truly makes every aspect of the course accessible to all. 

Brigit has given me the tools to start every day with a breath of fresh air. Is there anything more relevant that people need in our society today?

Marieke Smith - Self Mastery Course

Thank you so much for all you have brought to me through the programme it really is life changing

Alison Williams - Self Mastery Course


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