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Wellbeing for Schools

Allow the future to shine

Teaching physical and emotional intelligence to young children through techniques using yoga, breath, mindfulness, meditation & nutrition

Wellbeing for Schools 

Programme for pupils years 1-6 

Pupils will be taken on a learning journey of emotional, mental and physical wellbeing which will support and enhance their personal growth and relationships with peers and staff. It will also aid their academic learning by providing each pupil with a heightened awareness of the importance of their individual wellbeing, their ability to manage their emotions and the impact it has in everyday life. It will also improve their knowledge and understanding of how to respect and care for the environment and beneficial nutrition.

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School Kids

Yoga For Schools

Fun, creative and engaging sessions to teach school children the benefits of practising yoga, and meditation. 

Yoga helps young people to not only exercise, stretch and strengthen the body but also encourages confidence and self-esteem. The classes are imaginative using music and props and are designed to have interactive participation through partner, group and individual practice. Breathing techniques and meditation are incorporated to help develop self-awareness, relaxation and the body/mind connection.


Duration 1 hour - up to 30 pupils

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