Two Tone Yoga is based in Kent offering a unique yoga experience. I trained in Swasthya Yoga founded on the most ancient Yoga lineage from Tantric philosophy that is non repressive.


The classes synchronise the asanas (body Postures) through fluid conscious transitions, allowing harmonious choreography.


My first yoga experience at the age of four instilled a deep appreciation of what yoga is and it's many benefits. Having practised most of my life I came to be a yoga teacher when

I was in need of remedial bodywork and no holistic therapy was working for me. The profound sense of wellbeing and connection I experienced from this style of yoga led me

to want to share this gift of self empowerment.  Energising, yet deeply restorative the classes are an opportunity to create internal space and become strong and mobile both physically

and mentally. ​I teach yoga and meditation in schools and have a keen interest in promoting physical and mental wellness in children.

The name Two Tone Yoga represents the process of toning the physical body as well as the mind. This enables the all important access to discovery of a deeper self awareness. 

The name represents for me a desire to transcend differences as we are one species and ultimately all connected. 

​I have practised meditation with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University for 12 years which has helped me to learn and share meditation techniques that enhance the yoga practice.

Online Wellness Coaching 


Brigit's approach to inspiring women's health is holistic. By utilising yoga, a range of therapy techniques and nutrition women gain optimal health and results by using this unique framework. 


Her vision for supporting women's health is delivered with uncompromising quality and passion, being a mother & knowing the important impact this has on the next generation.


In her signature Online Programme 'Burnout Buster' Brigit and her team of therapy & nutritional specialists guide clients to regain health and confidence that may have been deteriorated by burnout due to stress, parenting and work. She enables women entrepreneurs to reach their full potential and experience true personal growth.


The opportunity of experiencing strength, resilience and energy both physically and mentally, without using lengthy time consuming methods, dramatically changes her clients lives. 

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