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Family yoga session to start the summer

The summer was kicked off to an awesome start with an outside Family Yoga Session at the Auditorium on the Lower Leas Folkestone. This brilliant event was organised by Beki and Fran from Stillness and Space Yoga Events, both yoga teachers in Folkestone.

What a turn out and a really fun and uplifting session with the family's involved. By forming these adult and child bonding experiences we encourage positive family relationships. Yoga and breathing techniques have both physical and mental health benefits. Introducing meditation to children is empowering for them, teaching awareness of emotions and our ability to calm them. Meditation has also been shown to improve scolastic apptitude.

Children respond really well to practicing yoga, and allowing them to be proactive and creative within the sessions encourages their own uniqueness and experience the positive effects.

Thank you to all those that came it was a magical day!

Photo with thanks from Kate Hickey

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